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Green startup company


Swappis is a green start up company with a mission to prolong the life span of our clothes by collecting the ones people don`t wear any more and connecting them with their next owner who will happily wear them.

We would like to create a conscious and responsible fashion trend that appreciate the clothes that are already produced and do not have an urge to buy new garments to feel special about themselves.

By accelerating reuse of our clothes we extend their life, minimize textile waste  and we can significantly decrease the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

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Clean out your closet and update with us!


Are you bored with your wardrobe? Do you have clothes that you bought for one occasion only and don`t use it any more? Have you changed in size? Are you longing for a new style? Would you like to try different styles and colours than you are used to?

You can bring your clothes you got tired of to us and we`ll give you points for them according to their quality and condition.

What do you win with us?

You declutter your closet, you can purchase with your points continuously with discount and at the same time you help the envrironment and other people to update their wardrobe responsibly. With some of the clothes we help the ones in need.

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One man's trash is another man's treasure


Fashion doesn`t have to cost the Earth. We believe in a diverse and more creative fashion that mathes each individual according to their personal style.

Fashion is not about the newest trend but the mixture of all previous ones, vintage and contemporary, feminine and masculine, local and classy style. Fashion should support creativity and individual style.

We all have clothes at home that we never wear, but it doesn`t mean that someone else would not appreciate it. As the old saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure".

As many we are who hand in their unwanted clothes as diverse the supply of styles will be.

Together we decrease textile waste, help the environment and each other to dress more sustainably. It`s a win-win situation.

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Sustainable fashion


Sustainability, environmental consciousness, and responsible consumption are gaining more and more importance nowadays in developed societies. The awareness about these topics is growing. But how does this apply to fashion and what can we as consumers do about it?

Fast fashion chains come out with new collections every second or third week in big stores all around the world, thus overproduction and its negative consequences are tangible. This is the reason why the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. From the raw materials to the final products the fashion industry causes serious environmental damage in nature and societies where production takes place through their intensive water use, water contamination and massive amount of chemical use, not to mention the unhuman working conditions and underpaid workers who are often women and children. 

In Hungary we throw away 20 millions tons of textiles that end up in landfills. Half of this amount is out of materials that never decompose.

There is one simple and smart solution for this complex problem: we have to accelerate REUSE and RECYCLING of our clothing. By doing so we can decrease the negative impact areas of new production and extend the life of our clothes.

Join our mission and be part of the slow fashion movement! 

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We are looking for partners!


Who can be our partners:

  • organisations whom are interested in providing clothes collection for their     employees or clients
  • organisations whom would like to collaborate in providing a place to put our collection boxes for our campaign or an event for a market of preowned clothes
  • schools, projects and designers whom are looking for used clothes as raw materials for their upcycling, redesign or other creative works


What do you win with us? Through collaborating with us your organisation can:

  • extend their CSR activities
  • strengthen their social responsibility
  • improve their sustainability strategy


What kind of organisations can be our partners:

  • big companies
  • office buildings
  • institutions
  • restaurants and event places
  • non-profit organisations

In case you think it sounds interesting for you please contact us through the contact form and write "partnership" in the subject. We`ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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What kind of clothes we accept


Female and male clothes, shoes, bags, belts, hats and accesoires such scarves, jewelleries etc. We appreciate styles from all decades, we welcome vintage items from the 20s to the 90s. The original price of the product though should be over 1500 HUF.


Quality criteria:


  • preferably the items should be from the current season (during spring you can hand in spring and summer season items, during autumn you should bring autumn and winter items)
  • lean, whole, preferably frehsly laundred clothes, shoes should be gently used
  • free of stains and free of odor please
  • items should not be damaged, shubby, teared, frayed and have big holes on
  • bottoms and zippers should be functioning


For the items that do not meet the above mentioned criteria we cannot give points to its owner.


What type of clothes we cannot accept:


  • lingerie, underwear, swimwear, socks (except the original price tag is on)


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Book a home collection online


Home collection applies to premium quality clothes and accessories in case the original price of one item exceeds 30.000 HUF and the amount of clothes are at least 10 pieces.
Brands should be original and not faked, otherwise we cannot accept them.

In case you would like to order our home pick up collection, please write us a message with the brands and the quantity of the items you have and we'll contact you about the details.

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Evaluation criteria

We evaluate and give points to the items according to the following attributes:

Material: synthetic materials (polyester, nylon, polyacryl, artificial leather) receive lower points and natural materials (cotton, silk, linen, wool, viscose, leather) receive higher points.

Brand: lower price brands receive lower points, higher price brands receive higher points

Style and uniqueness: unique and vintage items receive higher points compared to mass production contemporary items ( all items older than 20 years old are classified as vintage)

Condition: clothes with less slitage and better condition receive higher points compared to more frequently used and washed out items

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Hand your points over to someone else!


In case you have received points and you do not need all of them or do not want to use them at all, you can hand them over to somebody else, so they can go and shop with points instead of you.

How it works? Just send us a message through our contact form and write how many of your points you would like to hand over and write down the name and the e-mail of that person.

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Coming soon!


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